Strengthening our Community

The preservation and promotion of Tibetan religion and culture are vital importance. Within Tibet, religion and culture are being continued to be suppressed under the Chinese government's regime. Here in Canada, as Tibetans living within a democratic country where our fundamental human rights and freedoms are respected and enshrined within the law, it is our duty and responsibility to preserve, promote, and maintain our unique culture and religion. Our work to preserve, promote, and develop our cultural community includes organizing events and activities such as the following:

  • Conferences and seminars on religion, culture, and Tibetan Studies
  • Public discourses and teachings for the promotion and preservation of the unique and rare oral religious transmissions of Tibet
  • Regular and special religious events and activities
  • Revive, preserve, and promote Tibet’s unique religious and cultural heritage
  • Educate the younger generation of Tibetan Canadians about the history, religion and culture of Tibet